We are direct suppliers of Panasonic’s latest and greatest brands.  4K and Smart TVs are a plenty and we can support you in choosing the right one for your room.  Display or hide your TV - You can choose to display your television in pride of place or you can discreetly hide it away.  

Want to watch a movie while in the swimming pool or reclining on the deck with a tall glass of G&T one summer evening? Outdoor TVs and projector screens are waterproof, environmentally rated and can be mounted on block walls and they give you the ultimate in viewing pleasure outside. Let Modeliving help you create your ultimate outdoor home theatre!

2D or 3D – why not have both!  3D TV is here – models that are standard and 3D are available, and for those who are avid 3D movie buffs, this gives you the option of one TV for both modes of viewing.


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