Audio visual home entertainment design and installation

Building a new property or renovating an existing property opens up the opportunity to update the technology in your property.

There are a number of improvements that can be made to your property that you and your family can benefit from, such as...

home theatre systems

multi-room systems

TV set up

media storage and servers

universal remote controls

security alarms

surveillance cameras


automatic gates

access controls

But rather than loosing valued time, money and effort by trying to supply and set up any of these systems yourself, talk to the team at Modeliving. 

As specialists in the lighting, security and audio and visual industry, Modeliving are the team to call when you need a professional and reliable supply and installation service.

Every system is custom designed to suit your individual needs and budgets, so you can rest assured that your system is built specifically for you and your family to enjoy.

To ensure that your product is made to last for years to come, our supplies only consist of top quality, well known brands. Using brands that we know, trust and back 100% can provide you with the reassurance that you need when purchasing a new system for your home.

Our satisfaction guarantee can also give you confidence  that you are working with a professional audio and visual company. If you ever have any problems with the service we provide, simply call us back and we will be more than happy to remedy the problem.

For your free home theatre or audio and visual appraisal, contact the specialists at Modeliving today!


Specialists for all your lighting, security, audio and visual needs

Tony and Jan have been providing home theatre and audio installations, home automation, lighting and security solutions for over 14 years to the Wairarapa and Wellington regions.

They are specialists in custom design, pre-wiring, networking, integration and automation of high end products and intelligent environments that will enhance your lifestyle.

Leith has been working with Tony and Jan for four years. With 15 years of experience in the security industry, Leith has an excellent understanding of security – both design and customised installations - and wireless systems.

Passionate about high end home theatre, pure sound, effective lighting and home automation systems


Tony is a qualified electrician, Jan is experienced in marketing and account management, and together they are committed to providing you with knowledgeable, up-to-date customised solutions and friendly personalised service for all your audio, video, lighting and security needs.

Visit the showhome in Martinborough and experience the best in home theatre, multi-room set-up, high end audio, lighting automation, security features and more.

Tailoring the right solution for your lifestyle and budget

Are you wanting the ultimate in home theatre? Is high end audio your passion? Do you want lighting control integrated into a home automation system? Is a comprehensive security system your priority?

From home theatre room lighting to complex security systems to automated blinds and curtains - whatever your requirements are, the Modeliving team will listen to you and customise the right solution that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Working with the best brands and the latest technology

Modeliving only deals with the top brands in the business so you benefit from a customised system carefully crafted with the best components. 

If you need expert advice, we’re fully trained in all the products we offer and can answer all your questions and make the right recommendations.

We annually go to world audio and visual shows and find the latest products that are world leading, life enhancing, easy to use and affordable, and bring them back to New Zealand so you can enjoy the best, most up-to-date technology in your home

Customising brand new systems or integrating with your current system


While the Modeliving team can custom design and build a brand new audio visual system, we can also integrate new components with your existing sound and TV systems. 

Talk to us about what you already have, and what your want to achieve.

Future-proofing for your audio visual needs in the years ahead

It is possible to future-proof for enhancing your system when more disposable income is available by installing the cables in advance – either when your home is being built or when installing a simpler system. 

It’s also a good idea to future-proof for family and lifestyle changes ahead.

Tony and Jan have the life experiences to advise you on potential future technological needs and space requirements particularly for family changes like children growing into teenagers, or changes in disposable income levels when children leave home. 

What you need now may not be what you need in five or ten years time so talk to Tony and Jan about designing the home that will grow with you and your lifestyle.

Ongoing support and guaranteed satisfaction

Because we get to know you well, you’ll find our ongoing support after installation is personal and friendly. It’s important you’re happy with any custom installation we’ve done, so we’ll work with you to ensure you’re satisfied.


Home theatre system design and installation...

Bring the passion and power of the movies into your own home

Whether you love hilarious comedies, epic historical dramas, quiet indie tales or Hollywood blockbusters, you can enjoy the full movie experience at home with your own home theatre system.

Design, supply and installation by the home theatre experts

To ensure you buy the best home theatre system for your budget and needs, talk to the experts at Modeliving. They listen to what your requirements are, find out what you want to spend, and will design a home theatre system that you will love. As well as sourcing all the components, they do expert installations and ensure you know how to make it all work.

From home theatre installations into new homes to creating a home theatre in your existing home, the Modeliving team will soon have you enjoying all your favourite movies.

Customising the home theatre that suits you and your lifestyle

Do you want a dedicated home theatre room with full wall screens? Cinema lighting, acoustics and seating? Or do you need your home theatre to seamlessly integrate into a multi-purpose room like a lounge or family room?

Your requirements drive our advice and design, with the ultimate aim being that your home theatre suits you and your lifestyle.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie at the touch of a button

Create a theatre in your home so when you press play on your wireless universal remote or discreet wall keypad - the screen comes down, the blinds close, the lights turn off and the movie starts playing so all you need to do is take your glass of wine to your favourite chair, sit down with your popcorn and press play.

Acoustic management for sound control

If you want to isolate sound in the room the movie is playing in, talk to us about the installation of acoustic panels to manage sound in your home theatre.

Ensuring you’re at the forefront of technology

3D is now here (again!). You can set up your home theatre to be 3D capable as well as being able to watch normal movies.

Wireless home theatre systems need to be expertly installed to ensure they function at optimum level. Talk to us if you’re interested in wireless technology!

Home theatre has also moved towards high definition Blue Ray so we can design and install products that will give you the best Blue Ray movie experience.

LED projectors are now available with a brighter picture so the projectors can be used in a media room that has a lot of windows. Projectors can go in multipurpose rooms now – but you will need an area where there’s no direct sunlight.

Technology is forever changing but by talking to us, we can ensure your system is as future proofed as it can be to incorporate new technology as it becomes available.

Multi-room audio and video for your home

Multi room sound and video is the perfect solution for the modern home. From any room in your home you can watch your preferred sky channel or a movie, or listen to a CD or your favourite radio station on multi-room surround sound, or access media-stored music from your computer or i-pod.

Modeliving can design and install a new multi-room system or can incorporate your existing components with new products to create any number of multi-rooms in your home.

Catering for individuals’ sound, movie and TV preferences

If you have young children or teenagers, or if you and your partner have different tastes in music, rooms can be individualised with their own music and video controls. Incorporate audio home automation features whereby when a light is turned on in a room, music starts to play.

By customising a multi-room system in your home, you can give each person access to their own music and movies/TV without affecting everyone else.

Easy to use keypads or a universal remote for smart control

Keypads mounted discreetly on the wall or a wireless universal remote can be used to easily manage your multi-room AV.

New technology is enabling touchscreen devices like your i-pad and i-phone can be used to find and play music and videos stored elsewhere in the house.

Multi-room AV for indoors and outdoors

Imagine bringing quality sound and big screen movies outdoors at your home. You can! Find out from the team at Modeliving how you can be relaxing in the spa or swimming pool, or lounging on the deck while enjoying a BBQ …and be listening to your favourite music or watching a movie.

Create a gaming room

With the introduction of interactive consoles like Wii, and internet access enabling gaming online like with X-Box Live, it makes sense to create a gaming room! A gaming room can be a dedicated room set up like a gaming parlour, or it can be integrated into a room that is also used for other purposes.

Choosing the right television for you

Several factors influence the choice of TV including user preference, the main purpose it will be used for (movies, sport etc), and room design. More than likely you’ll have several televisions in your home and each may have its own purpose.

If you’re wondering what the difference between plasma and LCD TV is, or you have a preference already but are not sure which is the best plasma television for you, or you want more information on LED slimline TV or 3D TV, we can help you so you can make the right choice.

Incorporating the right TV screen into your home theatre

Tony and Jan can advise you on which TV or projector screen will suit the type of home theatre experience you want to create.

Display or hide your TV

You can choose to display your television in pride of place or you can discreetly hide it away.

Modeliving can advise you on a variety of options including:

the openly displayed wall mount TV

recessing your television into the wall

mirror TV – a mirror screen that changes into your TV screen

custom made cabinets to suit the room where the television is either accessed by cupboard doors, or lifts out and slides back down into the back of the cabinet.

Outdoor TVs and projector screens

Want to watch a movie while in the swimming pool or reclining on the deck with a tall glass of G&T one summer evening? Outdoor TVs and projector screens are waterproof, environmentally rated and can be mounted on block walls and they give you the ultimate in viewing pleasure outside. Let Modeliving help you create your ultimate outdoor home theatre!

2D or 3D – why not have both!

3D TV is here – models that are standard and 3D are available, and for those who are avid 3D movie buffs, this gives you the option of one TV for both modes of viewing.

Listen to the music as if you were there live - high end audio equipment

If you want to listen to music as it was recorded in the studio without any equalisers, we can supply you with the high end audio equipment including amplifiers and receivers that will bypass any equalisation so all you hear is pure sound.

Bringing you the best in high end audio

Your requirements drive our recommendations, and because we have done the research into both NZ and overseas products, you get the most up-to-date options available.

Talk to us for everything from advice on individual high end audio amplifiers and stereo speakers through to designing and installing a future-proofed, high end home theatre system.

Designing your acoustic set-up

To match the quality of the products you’ve chosen, we can design the room acoustically to give you the best sound possible.

You can either make a statement with your high end hi-fi system by having your speakers floor-standing or wall mounted, or speakers can be discreetly installed flush with the ceiling or wall, or made invisible by plastering over them.

Getting top quality sounds from vinyl

LPs are back in fashion! If you want high end turntables and the pre-amplifiers to reproduce fantastic sound from your old or new LPs, then talk to Tony or Jan at Modeliving.

We’ll listen to your ideas and your preferences, and offer solutions that will give you the sounds you want to hear.


Media storage and servers

There are a variety of media storage options which allow you to store your favourite music and movies onto dedicated media servers and computers.

Storage options can be as simple as a removable hard-drive through to storage on internet accessed media servers.

Easy access and control of your movies and music


Audio storage means you can create playlists for easy access to music to suit any occasion. Customise the playlists and create categories like ‘mood music for parties’.

Talk to us about your options for home theatre media servers and storage so you can have access to a huge range of movies at the touch of a button.

Effective storage for family photos or home movies

If you want safe and easy to access storage for digital family photos or home movies, contact us for great media storage ideas and solutions.

One universal remote to control your world

Tired of juggling a handful of remote controls? One universal TV remote takes away the need to have lots of remotes. Now your TV, stereo, DVD player and Sky decoder (and possibly more!) can be programmed onto one remote.

The universal remote – convenient and easy to use


Your universal remote can be custom programmed to make it convenient and easy for you to use. Not only can you control your home entertainment system but your lighting and home security systems can all be accessed from the one remote.  Make your life easy with one universal remote.


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